Artesia – Pioneer Blvd. – Hindi Description

Parking Meter Terms



This is the front terms and description of the operational use parking meters.  It displays the information that a patron parker will have to follow in order to pay for their parking time.

Garbanzo Methi Teblah


Garbanzo Methi Teblah from a well known eatery on Pioneer Blvd.  Email info@artesia.org and tell us where you think this item is served.  If you choose correctly, the first 10 people to contact Artesia.org via email with the answer will receive a free $20 Gift Cash or Gift Card (whichever is available), to the participating location.


Delhi Chaat


Delhi Chaat is a famous vegetarian dish that has crunchy, spicy, tasty, and cool.


City of Artesia took 6 months to install Planter Medians on Pioneer Blvd, when the actual installation would take only 3-4 days. However due to the inconvenience caused by the businesses, People could not park for 6 months.


A stretch view of Pioneer Blvd in Little India.


Latest Report that City of Artesia did not inform businesses of the new Pay Per Parking Meters.


Installer Installing Parking Meters by himself using UHAUL TRUCK.


We were able to capture a picture of the installation of the Parking Meters.  Pretty interesting how it was done in day light.


Installation of parking meters taking place (VIDEO)

Pioneer Blvd Little India Video

Watch the Video

Will people be discouraged to park and pay for Artesia parking in pioneer blvd?